Female Energy Oil

An oil designed to help women free themselves from past wounds and suffering.

21,00€ inc. tax


This oil for women has the following qualities :


 - To free you from past wounds and suffering.

 - To put you in touch with your feminine energy.

 - To open up in a new way and develop a more positive



This reconnection with self involves the following phases :

 - Freedom from old habits

 - Establishing a new relationship with yourself and

   your energy

 - Discovering the strengths of this feminine energy and

   allowing it to be manifested

 - Owning this energy yourself

This oil will offer creative support to women through the various phases of discovery.

Female Energy oil is for women wishing to flourish and to :

 - Overcome blockages in sexual energy such as lack of libido, or painful sex.

 - Be free from the memories of past traumas.

 - Discover and experience the true nature of their feminine energy in all domains of life   

   sexual, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

 - Fully experience what it means to be a woman.