Patrice Bouchardon

After living for 4 months living in a forest, I discovered how to make intimate contact with trees. I realised that trees possess energetic resources that respond to our basic needs of transformation and evolution.

This understanding empowered me to develop vibratory (tree) oils corresponding to the different phases of our lives.

This powerful contact with nature opened my eyes to the essence of life. The profound reality of all living beings - trees, animals and human beings has been revealed to me.

I have been running different types of seminars for more than 35 years aimed at enhancing human potential by means of:

- contact with oneself through contact with nature

- the practical use of vibratory oils

- the possibilities offered by the Body Intelligence

- the nine resources (needs explaining?)

I have established the concept of 'fundamental resources' and developed a unique means to develop using my exclusively produced (tree oils?) elixirs and phials.

I have written several books on the subject:

- "The Healing energy of trees", best seller into 15 languages, Pyramid edition

- "De l'énergie des arbres à l'Homme", Editions Courrier du Livre

- "Accueillir l'énergie des arbres guérisseurs", Editions Fleurus

- "A l'écoute des arbres, je me suis rencontrée", Roman initiatique, Editons Leduc

- "Comment bien se connecter à l'énergie des arbres", août 2019 Editions Courrier du Livre