Wild Rose Elixir / Openness with self

Do you want to open up more ?




21,00€ inc. tax

Do you want to experience inner openness but don't know how to achieve it ?

Wild Rose elixir will build on the positive effects of the oil.

Be aware of what is happening to you.


Do you feel blocked in your relationships with others ?

Wild Rose elixir will help you overcome this problem.


Do you want to open up to others ?

Wild Rose elixir will open up an inner space that will facilitate this.


Do you want to rediscover your new potential ? 

Would you like to feel more at ease with yourself ?

Wild Rose elixir will undo these knots and release inner freedom.


Would you like to know yourself better and understand your reactions and behaviours ?

Wild Rose elixir will help you to connect with yourself and bring understanding.


Would you like to communicate better with others ?

Do you want easier communication and exchanges with others ?

Wild Rose elixir will help you.


Do you separate your inner life and the outside world ?

With the help of Wild Rose elixir you will learn how the outside world resonates within you.


And also…

You will discover the link that exists between you inner life and your everyday experience.

You will access new resources and abilities.

Wild Rose elixir will support you in widening your field of consciousness.

Openness : it's about inner self-discovery that allows you to approach others.