Pine Elixir / Clear thinking - Lucidity


Energy - Clear thinking - Lucidity - Inspiration





21,00€ inc. tax

Become more aware and conscious of your thoughts and inner attitudes.


Do you sometimes have negative thoughts about yourself or others ?

With Pine elixir abandon judgement and criticism in favour of energy.


Are you trapped by repetitive thoughts ?

With Pine elixir free yourself from these constrictive ideas and rediscover your vitality.


Do you find it difficult to understand others ?

Do you fantasise about your life more than live it ?

Do you need to clarify certain aspects of your life ?

Do you assume that others think the same way as you ?

Do you tend to want to be right rather than to understand ?

Do you want others to behave as you wish ?

With Pine elixir you will see yourself more clearly in these situations.


Do you lack strength and vitality ?

Rediscover your 'get-up-and-go' with Pine elixir.


Do you sometimes feel confused ?

Find clear mindedness and lucidity with pine elixir.


Do you tend to think that others are responsible for your misfortunes ?

With Pine elixir you will become more aware and learn to get things in perspective.


It's about having a clearer idea of yourself, moving from the idea of yourself to the reality of who you are.