Hawthorn Elixir / Find your path


Direction - Making choices - Decision


You will move towards your true path !




21,00€ inc. tax

Hawthorn elixir will guide you towards your true feelings and teach you how to make choices and make the

best decisions for yourself.



Are you distracted and agitated, with a need for calm and inner peace ?

Hawthorn elixir will lead you towards a more peaceful attitude.


Do you find it difficult to make choices ? 

With Hawthorn elixir you will take decisions guided by your most profound wishes.


Are you easily influenced by those close to you, by advertising etc. and find it difficult to feel what is right for

you ?

Are you worried about hurting people, about disappointing and of being judged ?

With Hawthorn elixir you will feel what is 'right' for you ?

Have you not found your place in life ?

With Hawthorn elixir you will gradually find your place, your path will appear and you will find yourself on the

path to fulfilment.


And also…


With Hawthorn elixir you will feel more free, less dependent on exterior props such as drugs, tobacco, habits,

obsessions, addictions etc.


It's about determination and knowing what you want.