Fir Elixir / Let go

Relaxation - Flexibility - Breath - Circulation


With Fir elixir learn to let things happen without

wanting to control everything. 


21,00€ inc. tax

Do you find yourself submerged and overcome by the stress of everyday life ?

Do you have nervous tics, or other indications of interior restlessness ?

Do you find it difficult to deal with small annoyances coming from others ?

Do you get easily upset by others, or by events ?

Are you defensive, even when you are in the wrong ?

Do you feel that everything is difficult or complicated in your life ?

Are you stubborn, headstrong and wilful ?

Do you tend to mock everything you don't understand along with anything that disturbs or destabilises you ?

Do you find it difficult to accept failure ? 


Discover the beneficial effects of Fir elixir and the help it can bring :

 - Find inner peace and space. Everything will then feel more simple and light !

 - Learn to observe your feelings and let them go

 - Feel freer in your mind and body, encourage inner relaxation and be open to your inner self.


Letting go : Let go of the fantasy of who you would like to be, to discover the real you.