Broom Elixir / Rebirth


Renaissance - Change - New beginnings - Adaption


Consolidate your new strength to start a new phase in life.


21,00€ inc. tax

Welcome what's new and celebrate new opportunities that presented to you.


Do you need to 'turn the page' on difficulties and make a new start ?

Broom elixir will give you a glimpse of brighter horizons.


Are you experiencing new feelings ? Do you feel different ?

With Broom elixir consolidate this innovation and avoid a move backwards.


Do you find it difficult accepting what is new ?

Broom elixir will help you to more easily accept change and new ideas.


Are you a prisoner of your habits; do you resist change in the face of new opportunities ?

Broom elixir will help you develop the ability to accept and integrate change.


Does the future terrify you? Do you see the future more as a threat than an opportunity ?

Broom elixir will help you to appreciate opportunities more than blocks. 


It's about acceptance of self.