Birch Elixir / Self-respect


Reconciliation - Relief - Compassion



21,00€ inc. tax

Are you looking for relief ?

Have you experienced painful emotional trauma ?

Birch elixir will relieve this suffering. 


Do you undervalue yourself unfairly ?

Overcome these attitudes of undervaluing, rejection and denial with Birch elixir.


Do you need to reconcile yourself with your life ?

Do you reject certain aspects of your life ?

Birch elixir will reconcile yourself with your past life and self-image.


Do you need more self-respect ?

Do you feel yourself to be a victim ?

Do you feel inferior to others ?

Birch elixir will will calm the negative effects of these feelings.


Do you reject all that is beautiful in yourself ?

With Birch elixir you will learn to love yourself for who are really are, rather than the person you think you'd

like to be.

Birch elixir offers you the chance to build love with in yourself.