Beech Elixir / Self-confidence

Confidence - Security - Groundedness - Immunity

Strength - Security


Find your inner strength to find a more peaceful way of life.


21,00€ inc. tax

Do you lack stability and strength ?

Are you easily upset by your feelings or exterior events ?

Do you seek extreme experiences ?

Do you alternate between extremes of euphoria and despair ?

Beech elixir will help you rediscover stability.


Are you constantly seeking to own more and find it difficult to let go of your possessions ?

Do you often feel dissatisfied ?     

With Beech elixir you feel less need to be reassured by the often illusory comfort of possessions.


Do you find it difficult to accept aspects of your life you don't like ?

Beech elixir will help you.


Do you lack self-confidence ?

Do you often oppose others? Do you often struggle ?

Do you seek to conform to the idea that others have of you ?

Are you dependent on what others think or expect of you ?

Do you lack confidence in yourself and in life ?

Beech elixir will support you in your search for strength and self-confidence.


Do you feel weak and fragile and in constant need or reassurance ?

Do you find it difficult to assert yourself ?

These are symptoms of a lack of confidence that Beech elixir will help you to overcome.


Are you shy ?

Beech elixir will build confidence which will gradually bring reassurance.


Where is your inner-strength ?

Are you dependent on drugs, alcohol, gaming etc. ?

Beech elixir will strengthen contact with your inner strength and reduce the need for these artificial



Do you let yourself easily fall into despair ? 

Beech elixir will give you hope.


Are you seeking self-knowledge and personal strength ?

Beech elixir will bring you the force for self-exploration.


Confidence is about discovering you are capable of.


It's the strength to be yourself.