Wild Rose Oil / Openness

21,00€ inc. tax

Wild Rose Oil :


Do you want to open up more ?

Do you feel you have knots of tension and closed zones ?

Apply Wild Rose Oil to these areas to aid openness.


Do you feel you are choking ?

Wild Rose Oil will increase the sensation of inner space and well-being.


Do you tend to close in on yourself ?

Wild Rose Oil and Wild Rose Elixir will be of great help to you.


Do you want to discover your full potential ?

Do you need help to start to look into your inner-self ?  

Wild Rose Oil will help you to make contact with your feelings - a first step towards self-knowledge.


Do you think that your body has things to tell you?

Apply Wild Rose Oil and be aware of yourself and your feelings.


Do you think that happiness can only come from exterior sources ?

With Wild Rose Oil you will deepen your contact with your inner-self and come to understand all the riches that come from this place.


Do you want to communicate better with others ?

Do you want to be able to make contact with others more easily ?

Do you want to be able to express more freely your inner-self ?

Do you want to be able to better express your emotions ?

Do you struggle to express your creativity ?

Wild Rose Oil will give you the key to being able to express your innermost self.

Wild Rose Oil will help the opening of the cervix during childbirth.

Wild Rose Oil will also aid the body to to eliminate boils, abscesses, rhinitis, and other illnesses.