Hawthorrn Oil / Alignment

21,00€ inc. tax

Hawthorn Oil :


Do you not feel at ease in your body ?

Do you not feel certain parts of your body ?

Hawthorn Oil will help you to connect more easily with your body sensations.


Are you often disorientated, not quite knowing where you are ?

Do you often feel as if you are 'out of it' ?

Hawthorn Oil will help you to centre yourself and stop this feeling.


Are you easily distracted, and often excitable or agitated ?

Do you tend to spread yourself thinly, not knowing how to choose between several demands ?

With Hawthorn Oil you will be more present in your body and you will find more stability.


Do you need more patience, and inner peace ?

Are you unable to focus on what's important ?

Are you too receptive to the distress of others ?

Do you have frequent contact with the public (as a teacher, carer, or office worker) that makes you feel distracted ?

Using Hawthorn Oil in your bath will help you to find inner peace and improved contact with yourself.  



rebalances the disordered functioning of hyper-functioning organs or functions.

improves motor coordination in those who are 'clumsy' or suffer from balance disorders.