Fir Oil / Fluidity

Let yourself be guided by life so that everything becomes easier and stress-free with the energy of the fir tree.

21,00€ inc. tax

Fir Oil :


Do you have difficulty breathing, with a choking feeling ?

With Fir Oil, you will breathe more freely and deeply.


Is your digestive system slow or blocked ?

Fir Oil will get your system back functioning normally.


Do you feel stiff with muscle tension ?

Fir Oil can offer relief from this tension


Do you sometimes feel agitated or stressed ? Do you find yourself getting easily upset, even over trivial matters ?

Fir Oil will help you to calm down and feel more relaxed.


Do you experience inner tensions ?

Fir Oil will allow you to gradually release them.


Do you want to feel more calm and relaxed ?

Fir Oil will help you.


Do you want to learn to listen to your feelings ?

Fir Oil will be useful for this learning process.


Does your stress and tension block a positive sense of self-awareness ?

Fir Oil will bring calm and openness to your inner-self.