Broom Oil / Renewal-Revival

21,00€ inc. tax

Broom Oil :


Are you recovering from an illness or a period of grieving ?

Broom Oil will accompany you in your convalescence and help you to recover.


Are you moving from childhood to adolescence or from adolescence to adulthood ?

Are you having your first sexual experiences ?

Has your child moved out from the parental home ?

Have you just given birth and become parent for the first time ?

Are you starting your menopause ?

Broom Oil with support you through all these different stages and accompany you on this new path.


Are you moving house ?

Has your professional situation recently changed (promotion, job loss, retirement etc.) ?

Have you recently got married or divorced ?

Broom Oil helps consolidate these new situations and help you make a fresh start.


If you have a child :

Broom Oil will help your child move through the different life stages: birth, weaning, teething, learning to walk, starting school, puberty etc.

Broom Oil will help you find new energy to best accompany your child through all these changes.