Box Oil / Liberation

21,00€ inc. tax

Box Oil:


Do you suffer from chronic illness or problemsc?

Box Oil will start you on your journey to recovery.

Do you suffer from retention or accumulation problems such as water retention or kidney stonesc?

Apply Box Oil to the affected areas.


Do you carry the burden of a complicated family history (family secrets, repetitive problems etc.)

Are you experiencing difficult life experiences that echo those of your ancestors, without understanding why ?

Box Oil and Box Elixir will support you towards freedom.


Are you aware of what limits you and what is preventing you from fully enjoying your life?

Do you suffer from phobias and fears (such as fear of loss, of death, of fire, of falling, or fear of others) that hinder you in life without

understanding why ?

Box Oil will calm these unwanted feelings.


Do you inevitably repeat the same difficulties in life ?

Box Oil will put a stop to this negative spiral.


Do you suffer from any of these fears :

Fear of success ?

Fear of failure ?

Fear of loving ?

Fear of being happy ?

Fear of commitment in a loving relationship ? 

Fear of losing ?

Fear of not being up to the task ?

Do you always feel victim ?

Box Oil will instigate your freedom from those that hinder or limit you.


Do you seem to be travelling in circles ?

Do you keep making the same mistakes ?

Box Oil will help you to escape from this spiral.



Box Oil will help you with vague feelings of not feeling well: you know that something's not right, but you don't know why.

Box Oil will help you to be free from the memory of painful past events.

Find yourself!