Birch Oil / Gentleness

21,00€ inc. tax

Birch Oil :


Do you need relief and comfort ?

Are you experiencing severe pain as a result of an injury, trauma or a burn ?

Apply Birch Oil to the affected parts for pain relief.


Are you perturbed by very strong emotions ?

Birch Oil will reduce these effects.


Are you over-affected by violence or exterior agressivity ? 

Birch Oil will awaken your gentleness - your best defence.


Do you need to be reconciled and make peace with yourself ?

Do you reject certain aspects of your body ?

Apply Birch Oil to these parts to rediscover them with kindness.


Have you had life-changing surgery ?

Birch Oil will help you to re-connect with your new body.


Do you need more self-respect ?

Love and respect your body for what it is.

Be gentle with your body, take care of it … by use of Birch Oil.

Reconciliation with your body will lead to reconciliation with your life.