Beech Oil / Serenity

21,00€ inc. tax

Do you lack serenity ?

Are you overcome with feeling of fear, anxiety, doubt and panic ?

Applying Beech Oil to your stomach and solar plexus will help you.


Do you have frequent stomach ache and intestinal problems ?

The serenity and 'quiet strength' of Beech Oil will give you relief.


Does fear of failure stop your plans ?

Do you worry about others ?

Beech Oil will alleviate this.


Do you find it difficult to have an objective view of yourself and your life ?

You will be less insecure with the serenity of Beech Oil.


Do you lack self-confidence ?

Apply Beech Oil to your stomach, following with Beech Elixir.


Sometimes, despite yourself, are you so affected by something that your voice changes ?

Applying Beech Oil to your throat will help you keep a clear voice.


Do you feel weak or vulnerable?

Beech Oil & Beech Elixir in your bath can help.


Do you have areas of weakness (in your legs, back, neck) in your body?

Apply Beech Oil to these areas of weakness, and learn to recognise them.


You are afraid of not being up to the task in certain situations (exams, interviews, life challenges etc.)?

Apply Beech Oil to your stomach and forehead.


Do you lack the confidence to be yourself ?

Do you find it difficult to accept what you don't like about your body ?

Apply Beech Oil to the relevant parts.


Do you try too hard to please, and constantly seek the approval and recognition of others? 

With Beech Oil and Beech Elixir, you will develop your self-confidence so that you no longer feel the need to seek to please.


Are you burdened by obsessive thinking and long-standing delusions ?

Beech Oil and Beech Elixir will give you the strength to break free from these pressures.


What about your inner strength? Do you identify with your body, or do you think that you are nothing more than your body? 

Beech Oil will help give you the strength to move beyond these limits.


Are you subject to viruses, infections and allergies?

Beech Oil will support you & help you strengthen your resistance.


Are you too open to the emotions of others ?

Beech Oil will protect you from this intrusion.


Beech Oil can also help you to overcome problems of shyness and self-identity.

Make space within yourself with which you can nourish yourself.